We always provide a mix of design options for our clients. This is to ensure we give your brief due consideration, and present all the viable options early on.
For Eighteen years we have used a 3D design and drafting program.
"Chief Architect" is an American designed program, set up to provide quick, accurate 3D views of drafted layouts.
Early on we decided that quick visuals, to include our clients in the design process right from inception, was the way to go.
All designs are modeled in the computer, quickly and accurately, and are then presented to you in clear, accurate 3D form as well as drafted floor plans.
Alterations to the designs are quick and simple, providing ample opportunity for changes, and guaranteeing a thorough "proofing" of the design.
Concept Models
Your existing house is modelled in the computer, after a detailed measure of the house and site. This model is used to generate the concepts. The images above indicate how the model reflects reality.
"If it looks good in the model, it will look great in the flesh".
All models can be viewed by yourselves at home on a PC with the Chief Architect viewing program.
The models created are copied to plans and printed out for you to peruse at your leisure.
Plans are drawn directly from the model, ensuring continuity. These plans are for Builders to quote, obtain approvals and build the house.
Development Approval plans are modifications of these.